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HR Solutions


The HR Solutions arm of FC Business Solutions is a boutique division providing solutions which can be customised to suit individual franchisor and franchisee needs including;

  • annual training needs analysis,
  • review of initial and ongoing training programs for Franchisees, and
  • assessment and evaluation through to the coaching and mentoring of Franchisor training staff.

The establishment of the division was driven as a result of industry need to deliver operational learning and development in a proven and practical manner.

By taking theory and applying it in a meaningful way with active training methods such as role play,  case studies, and operational experiences, we create an environment which provides a practical framework that allows participants to learn from one another, share experiences and gives them the tools to move forward.

FC Business Solutions also offer ongoing advice and mentoring to all clients and trainees who have attended our sessions. For example if a franchise manager attends an ‘Unfair Dismissal’ training session, but doesn’t need to utilise his skills immediately, he is able to call the office at any time in the future and spend a few minutes talking to one of our consultants to make sure he is confident to manage the situation  in the correct manner.

The future looks bright for the HR Training Division. It is working towards RTO accreditation and the development of a Diploma of Business with a franchise focus.

Occupational Health and Safety Operations

The OHS Operations Package includes auditing, the development of an OHS Operations Manual with policies and procedures for Franchisees and the practical implementation of the OHS Operations Manual with key support staff and Franchisees.

Access to Government Funding for training

At FC Business Solutions we constantly strive to ensure we can access the appropriate Government funding available to upskill team members of small business.

Team Management Profiling

FC Business Solutions have access to Team Management Systems profiling service. Individual profiling is often the first step that should be taken by both managers and their staff to understand people’s natural preferences of what they like to do in the work place, and help them understand the way they like to approach work. TMS Profiling is a value add service to the HR Training and Recruitment arms of FC Business Solutions.

How has FC Business Solutions HR Training helped businesses?

  • Confrontation and conflict resolution
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Industrial Relations
  • Franchise Field Support
  • Franchisee Induction
  • Writing and Implementing Operations Manuals
  • Contemporary Leadership
  • Generation Now
  • Soft skills
  • Super Coach
  • Customer Services
  • Front Line Selling Skills

Case Study

Barry Plant – Professional Women in Real Estate group felt they were experiencing some workplace conflict between GenY, GenX and Baby Boomer women. They felt they had developed an ‘Us and Them mentality’. FC Business Solutions employed the Generation Now cultural program to look at generational stereotypes  and completed TMS profiles on each individual – and once the woman understood any conflicts may be as a result of work preferences rather than generational issues, they were able to work towards positive outcomes.

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