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Franchise Manuals & Systems


  • What does a franchisor actually own if there are no documented standards and procedures?
  • How can your franchisees maximise their business without proven standards and procedures?
  • How can you develop training programs without documented standards and procedures?
  • How can you enforce compliance without documented standards and procedures?

There are many benefits to having a comprehensive, well written set of Operations Manuals for your franchise network. Operations Manuals contain the details of the proper procedures and provide an invaluable support mechanism for franchisee education at all levels.

As training tools, effective Operations Manuals promote consistency and quality throughout your franchise network. They help your Franchisees run their businesses more successfully.

Operations Manuals can assist with encouraging alignment to the franchise system. The act of creating Operations Manuals can enhance your company’s systems by forcing you to examine and improve the way you currently operate your business.

When properly drafted, Operations Manuals can serve as one of the strongest selling tools for the franchise program. It is important that you demonstrate best practice in franchising to your current and potential franchisees. Ensure your Operations Manuals are up to date, reflecting new products, services, changes in market trends, technologies and competitive forces.

Compliance with operational standards and procedures usually forms a key part of your Franchise Agreement – keep your end of the bargain by ensuring they are up to date, relevant and user-friendly.


To support a greater understanding of the operational systems a structured and properly documented training program should underpin the induction of new franchisees into the franchise system.

The aim of a Franchise Induction Program is to provide franchisees with the knowledge and skills required to operate and manage their franchise business effectively, efficiently and cooperatively.

A franchise induction program that utilises the franchise operations manuals and other system manuals together with practical business skills to support compliance with the franchise system.

What FC Business Solutions offer:

  • Operational Procedure Manual templates that are easy to read and update.
  • Tips and techniques for subject matter experts in compiling / providing the information required.
  • Our material showcases best practice franchising operational procedures focused on business success.
  • Reflective of the current legislative framework (industrial relations, work health and safety, corporation law etc.).
  • Small business / operational / managerial focus – a good balance of theory and practical application in a franchise setting.
  • Development of structured and interactive induction program solutions that support and encourage facilitation by subject matter experts, provide participants workbooks, leader guides, participant handouts and assessments.

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